TWI Summit

A culture of lean coaching, standard work, and employee engagement are within reach through TWI’s (Training Within Industry) proven methodology. Steven Spear, author Chasing the Rabbit and Harvard Business Review articles “Decoding the DNA of the Toyota Production System” and “Learning to Lead at Toyota,” had this to say about TWI…

“an essential ingredient in being competitive is having a reliable system for developing skills. This is where Training Within Industry comes in: Job Instruction training to bring novices up to speed, Job Methods training so they could be active agents in improving what they did and how they did it, and Job Relations training that teaches the foundations of positive employee relations.”
                                                                  – Steven Spear, author Decoding the DNA of the TPS

Make this the year you more deeply integrate TWI into your organization’s lean efforts.

Case Study Highlights

TWI has had a crucial role in the formation of the Toyota Production System ( just read these for evidence – Standard Work and Kaizen). Since the inaugural TWI Summit in 2007, company case studies have most frequently covered TWI results that include…

  • Get more done with less equipment and labor
  • Improve quality, reduce errors by achieving standard work across workers and shifts
  • Reduce safety incidents
  • Decrease training time, especially with new hires and temporary workers
  • Reduce overall labor hours
  • Reduce grievances
  • Transfer knowledge from a skilled, retiring workforce to an unskilled, green workforce

Why do others attend the Summit?

  • Real “culture change” has always eluded us, but we found it through TWI. Now we have sustainability and buy-in!
  • We were investigating TWI and saw the Summit as the best way to gain insight. Literally every TWI thought leader is there and available. It made for quick fact finding and networking!
  • I’ve long recognized that “something” has been missing in every lean implementation. Sustaining improvements is an agonizing process that left us tired and frustrated (and sometimes fired). TWI could be the Holy Grail of sustaining improvement – thanks for getting this info out!