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A culture of lean coaching, standard work, and employee engagement are within reach through TWI’s (Training Within Industry) proven methodology. Steven Spear, author Chasing the Rabbit and Harvard Business Review articles “Decoding the DNA of the Toyota Production System” and “Learning to Lead at Toyota,” had this to say about TWI…


“an essential ingredient in being competitive is having a reliable system for developing skills. This is where Training Within Industry comes in: Job Instruction training to bring novices up to speed, Job Methods training so they could be active agents in improving what they did and how they did it, and Job Relations training that teaches the foundations of positive employee relations.”

- Steven Spear, author Decoding the DNA of the TPS

Make this the year you more deeply integrate TWI into your organization’s lean efforts.


Special Series by Art Smalley

These articles are part of a ten part series written by Art Smalley in conjunction with the 2014 TWI Summit hosted by Lean Frontiers. Art helped facilitate a meeting of TWI thought leaders that is held each year during the Summit. Following this meeting, Smalley composed his thoughts and opinions in a series of papers aimed to support the TWI community’s body of knowledge.

Improving TWI Part 1

Improving TWI Part 2

Improving TWI Part 3

Improving TWI Part 4

Improving TWI Part 5

Improving TWI Part 6

Improving TWI Part 7

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Improving TWI Part 9

Improving TWI Part 10

The Rebirth of TWI back into Industry and Business

At the 2014 TWI Summit the individuals who were directly involved with the reintroduction of TWI met face-to-face for the first time to discuss how it came together.

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Video interview from our friends at Gemba Academy: Ron Pereira discussing TWI with Jim Huntzinger. Gemba Academy provides over 500 lean and six sigma online training videos to over 2,000 organizations worldwide. Learn more at