Opinions and Feelings Driven Results

Presenters:  Oscar Roche


Session Abstract:

In the 1930s considerable research was done that demonstrated that people’s sentiments, their opinions and feelings, had a powerful effect on their attitudes and behaviors in the workplace which in turn were determining factors of productivity.

In practicing the Job Relations 4-step method we learn of the importance of getting opinions and feelings. In my experience, this aspect is not understood well enough. However, it needs to be if our aim is effective use of the 4-step method in a way that builds employee trust and cooperation.

Furthermore, our possible actions often don’t consider opinions and feelings thus the real cause of the problem is missed.

Learning Objectives

In this session you will learn:

  • Recognise the strong link between opinions and feelings, and results.
  • Learn why you can’t and shouldn’t avoid this aspect of being a leader.
  • Understand in greater detail how and why JR is such a tremendous skill in building results through positive opinions and feelings.


About the Presenter:

Oscar Roche works closely with clients to realize organizational change, develop people capability and meet business improvement goals.  He believes the long-term success of any business lies in the development of its’ people.

This belief, combined with extensive operations management experience, helps him add value to every organization he works with.  Oscar holds a Bachelor of Applied Sciences.  His diverse sector expertise includes training,  logistics, FMCG, chemicals, beverages and food.  Having run his own business and worked in various manufacturing roles for many years, he keenly appreciates the competing pressures modern firms face.