We’re Just Not Ready for JI…

Presenters:  Roger Bilas

Session Abstract:

The TWI Programs, especially Job Instruction, are simple, common sense programs that can be implemented in most any type organization.  Everything about JI is contained on a single 3×5 card!  Why then do we hear leaders at all levels saying they’re just not ready to implement a simple program that can identify and train their people in one best way to do the job?  Why does that which seems simple and straight forward to one person, seem so complex and difficult to another.  In this presentation we’ll explore the concepts of individual and organizational readiness looking at some of the reasons people and groups believe they are not ready for change, and then, present some actions you can take now to improve their readiness.


About the Presenter:

Roger Bilas is the president and founder of The Bilas Group, LLC, a performance improvement and organizational transformation consulting group. Roger is a certified instructor in all the TWI J-Programs – Job Instruction, Job Relations, Job Methods Improvement, and Job Safety. Roger is also certified as a Job Instruction Master Trainer delivering the 40-hour JI Train-the-Trainer course for the TWI Institute.