Implementing an IT Based Information System in a Service Organization Through JI & JR

Presenters: Ben Chopping for Ben Howard


Session Abstract:

Parkes Shire Council was integrating a new Information System throughout all aspects of the business.

The objective was to increase information flow, reduce duplication errors, paper and waste.

This system would touch all 190 users as well as part time users, many with long tenure. With the introduction of new technology and such a major “change” to front line workers management were sizing up a problem before it happened. A team of ANGELS was established to assist in the roll out utilizing Job Relations and Job Instruction to get them to where they needed to be.

Learning Objectives

In this session you will learn:

  • How Job Relations assisted the Angels to determine the next step/s and lay the foundations for good relations.
  • How Job Instruction was utilized to instruct each system user- users that come from vast, diverse backgrounds
  • The power of establishing a clear objective


About the Presenters:

Over the last 11 years Ben Chopping has worked with businesses to change results. The reason for this change varies from business to business ranging from growth to survival. Ben believes that to make this change aspects of the workplace must change, and to do this people’s behavior must change unless they are engineered from the process.

Ben was introduced to TWI when his business partner, Oscar, showed Ben the gap between where the businesses they were working with needed to be, and what was actually happening. Since that day Ben has been applying TWI at work and more importantly non-work.

Ben hasn’t written any books but has worked, and therefore been shaped, by many people. Assisting them to get to where they NEED to be.