Developing Leaders, Not Bosses

Presenters:  Melanie Edens


Session Abstract:

This session is designed for anyone who supervises people or processes that involve people.  Job Relations is a streamlined intensive program designed to give supervisors of all levels the practice in developing the skill in leading others.  This presentation will highlight ways to harness a culture that respects and treats people as individuals.  The emphasis will focus on our journey at Baptist towards true leadership using the basic principles in getting loyalty and cooperation from others.  A “boss” can force employees to do something, but we all want supervisors that are “leaders” with followers.  Beyond the initial training, the presentation will review how we utilized KATA for the deployment and sustainability of Job Relations throughout the organization.

Learning Objectives

In this session you will learn:

  •    Importance of Foundations for good Job Relations
  • Importance of 4-Step Method
  • Use of KATA to deploy and sustain Job Relations


About the Presenters:

Melanie Edens is the Assistant Administrator at NEA Baptist Health System in Jonesboro, AR.  She began her career there 19 years ago as in Radiology and is now the Assistant Administrator with operational responsibilities for hospital departments and physician clinics.  She was recently awarded the Regent’s Award for the American College of Healthcare Executives and a Finalist as Healthcare Administrator of the Year.  Melanie was introduced to TWI over 2 years ago by Patrick Graupp and is now a certified trainer and the NEA Baptist deployment leader for Job Relations.