Culture of Mutual Respect: Using Job Instruction to Improve Culture

Presenter:  Dr. Lou Flaspohler & Dr. Chris Berneisel


Session Abstract:

This session will describe the journey of implementing a Culture of Mutual Respect in the health care setting utilizing Kata and Job Instruction. Continuous human improvement organizations have a foundation of mutual respect, providing safe environments where individuals can effectively communicate leading to quick conflict resolution, innovation, and improvement of everyone in the organization. In healthcare, cultures of mutual respect are essential to safe and effective care, with evidence clearly demonstrating adverse outcomes related to intimidation and unhealthy hierarchy leading to ineffective communication.

We will review the core elements of a Culture of Mutual Respect and provide practical tools implemented in two outpatient healthcare settings to transform culture. The offices implemented training in Crucial Conversations and positive psychology using Job Instruction and an overall process improvement strategy based on Kata. Incorporating this training in on boarding and intentional practice, the organizations are working to impact the overall culture and move closer to the principles of a culture of mutual respect.

Learning Objectives

In this session you will learn:

  • the core elements of Cultures of Mutual Respect
  • how to use Job Instruction to train on communication and conflict resolution
  • how to transform culture through intentional training in communication, positive psychology, and conflict resolution

About the Presenters:

Chris Bernheisel, MD, is an Associate Professor of Family Medicine at The University of Cincinnati, serving as the Program Director of The Christ Hospital-University of Cincinnati Family Medicine Program. He provides primary care at a free clinic in Cincinnati along with supervising residents as The Christ Hospital. His academic work is focused on medical education, with a concentration on family medicine, global health, and IT in medical education.

Lou Flaspohler, MD, is a practicing rheumatologist in Cincinnati, OH, serving as the Division Head of Rheumatology at The Christ Hospital. He graduated with a B.A. in Communications Arts and Marketing from Xavier University and obtained his Doctorate of Medicine from the University of Cincinnati. Following his medical school training, Dr. Flaspohler completed an Internal Medicine residency at The Christ Hospital and a Rheumatology Fellowship at Indiana University at the medical campus in Indianapolis, Indiana. It is his deep belief that helping foster and build, servant led, purpose driven, evolutionary organizations (organizations which work to develop people as opposed to developing people to work) will do vastly more to improve the wellbeing of our nation and world than any pill, surgery or treatment western medicine will ever devise.