Session Title: Case Study: Using TWI’s Job Methods to Build an Effective Workforce Idea System

Presented By: Sam Wagner

Session Description:

As a custom short run manufacturer of plastic injection molded parts, Donnelly Custom Manufacturing Company depends on refined processes and well trained people to meet its mission “To Deliver Good Products on Time” to its customer base of leading OEMs.  Learn how Donnelly uses Training Within Industry’s Job Methods to help build and sustain an effective workforce Idea System that the company believes is important to maintaining its competitive advantage.  Starting with a goal of one idea per 30-person shift per week (or over 20 ideas per year per production employee).  As a result, Donnelly continues to improve in its key performance metrics that it calls “critical success factors” and grow in its business.

Donnelly will share how it overcame the barriers to implementing an effective Workforce Idea System, how Job Methods helped overcome these barriers, and a self-assessment (strengths and weaknesses) of its current system.


About the Facilitator:

As Director of Advanced Manufacturing at Donnelly, Sam Wagner leads production, quality, process engineering, training and continuous improvement functions.  Sam also leads the identification, assessment and implementation of advanced technologies and process improvements that continue to adapt and advance Donnelly’s short-run expertise.  With an MBA from San Diego State University and a BS in Engineering Management from the University of North Dakota, Sam is a frequent speaker on lean manufacturing topics such as Error Proofing, TWI, Workplace Idea Systems and 5S and has presented at international events such as Industry Week’s Best Plants conference and the TWI Summit.  Mr. Wagner’s experience includes executive, management and engineering positions in custom and proprietary products manufacturing in the defense and aerospace, agriculture, construction and transportation industries.