Making Converts and Turning Grumblers into Rowers using TWI

Presenter: Nick Terhaar & John Christman


Session Abstract:

With customer demand strong for one product line, and successful rollout of Job Instruction on a related product, we decided to apply our lessons learned to this in-demand product. A major obstacle was that one shift had all the experience (“Tribal Knowledge”) and was not eager to share it, but was very eager to complain when it came to rework and lack of standard processes.  Sound familiar?

In this discussion we will take you through our transformation process using Job Instruction and standard work, and highlight what we learned. We will describe how we managed to get the most difficult people, naysayers, and grumblers to share “Native Intelligence,” getting everyone to do the job the one best way we know how today.

Learning Objectives

In this session you will learn:

  • how to deal with the “CAVE Man” response to job instruction training
  • techniques for identifying and transferring Tribal Knowledge
  • How to use the Reason behind the Reasons to convert the “CAVE Man”


About the Presenters:

Nick Terhaar has 25 years manufacturing experience, 20 on production floor. Retired ANG as a Food Service Dining Facility Manager. Several years coaching High School sports. Presently a Continuous Improvement Coordinator focusing on JI and training.

John Christman has 34 + years manufacturing experience including fabrication, installation, welding and Lead CAVE Man, now transformed. Currently a Production Trainer