From Oops to Ahhs: Mistake-Proofing with TWI & KATA

Presenter:  Sam Wagner & John Lieser


Session Abstract:

Root Cause analysis of problems often leads to the cause being human error, and the solution is mistake-proofing.  In this case study, we will show how we’ve used TWI and KATA methods to identify and reduce the occurrence of problems caused by human error and significantly improve our right first time quality performance.

Learning Objectives

In this session you will learn:

  • some of the science behind human error
  • how to use TWI to identify opportunities for mistake-proofing and implement solutions
  • how KATA helped us dramatically improve our right first time quality performance


About the Presenters:

Sam Wagner is a Continuous Improvement implementation zealot, and has held engineering and operations leadership positions in high and low volume manufacturers across many industries.  Sam holds a MBA from San Diego State University and a BS in Engineering Management from the University of North Dakota.  As a certified trainer in TWI Job Methods and Visual Workplace, he is a frequent presenter at the TWI Summits and is featured in chapter 5 of Graupp and Wrona’s Implementing TWI.

With over 23 years of manufacturing experience, John Lieser has held several positions, including production welding, Lead Welder, fixture designer/builder, prototype builder, Assistant Foreman, Foreman and most recently Senior Continuous Improvement Coordinator (CIC), where he leads the CIC team in training production staff in Lean tools and thinking, empowering them to become better individuals who are more productive, better problem solvers and feel a bigger part of the FAST team.  In this role, John and his team are helping develop the future leaders at FAST.